Carbon Offset

BNP Paribas commits to offset all carbon emissions incurred by delegates travelling to the Sustainable Future Forum. To help us capture your specific travel details, simply complete the ‘Carbon Offsetting’ section in the Registration tab.

As part of its long-standing commitment to help combat climate change, BNP Paribas commits to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2017 in terms of the carbon emissions arising from its own operations. Click here to find out more

Watch Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, BNP Paribas CEO

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, BNP Paribas Chief Executive Officer


BNP Paribas will achieve its goal to become carbon neutral via three complementary initiatives:

  1. Since 2012, BNP Paribas has reduced its direct CO2 emissions by 15% per employee, in line with the Group’s target of a 25% reduction by 2020. This achievement is a result of promoting energy efficiency across the Bank’s global footprint and optimising business travel.
  2. Over half of all CO2 emissions arise from electricity consumption. BNP Paribas is committed to using only low carbon electricity in all countries where it is available
  3. The Group will also work to offset CO2 emissions that cannot be directly avoided or easily reduced, such as those arising from staff travel and natural gas consumption, through partnerships with benchmark organisations in accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility policies. For example, BNP Paribas has signed a partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation to promote the construction of ‘biodigesters’ and with Wild Life Works to off-set the CO2 emissions.


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