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The SDGs Innovation Village is a dedicated zone given to entrepreneurs and start-ups who are focused on creating the solutions of tomorrow, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as defined by the United Nations.

           TreaTech's mission is to develop an eco-friendly and cost efficient solution for treating wastewater. They aim to address the increasing problem of clean water availability in all regions of the world by creating a low-cost, environmentally friendly liquid waste solution resulting in clean water production.

TreaTech process different wastewater streams, including the high-salt content effluents, and produce, without any pre treatment, clean water as well as valuable by-products such as biogas and minerals, which can be recycled in new products, such as fertilizers.

TreaTech's goal is to turn wastewater treatment from a hefty expense to a sustainable profit driver.

Heliatek is the leading manufacturer of organic solar films, holding a world record efficiency of 13,2 %. By providing a truly green technology for energy generating building façades and roofs, Heliatek helps you reduce your carbon footprint while transforming your building in a power station. Heliatek is working with internationally renowned industrial partners to equip different construction material.

HeliaFilm®, the solar film developed by Heliatek, generates electricity and is based on nano-sized carbon molecules which are deposited in a unique roll-to-roll process onto a flexible PET film substrate.As an integrated part of the construction material HeliaFilm® can be incorporated easily in industrial and commercial buildings. Heliatek employs 110 staff at its facilities in Dresden and Ulm, Germany.

  • HeliaFilm® is ultra-thin, flexible and weighs only 1 kg/m², which is less than 5% of traditional solar modules
  • There are no toxic materials in the clean production process and in the end-product
  • HeliaFilm® is easily recycled at the end of its life

Qarnot is a cloud computing provider offering ready-to-use, pay-as-you-go SaaS and PaaS, accessible via a REST API and/or a web application.  Hybrid by design, Qarnot’s Q.ware platform dynamically and securely distributes computations across different infrastructures: Qarnot infra, public and/or private cloud.

Qarnot is about 3x cheaper than major cloud computing providers, but also has a 3x lower carbon footprint thanks to its innovative distributed infrastructure made of computing devices using CPUs as a heat source.  Computing power is no longer concentrated in data centres, but distributed in the city in the form of heaters and boilers.

Created in 2010, Qarnot now employs 27 people, provides heat to 400 people, and computes for major French banks, animation studios and research labs.

The POD is the first connected furniture integrating virtual reality.  The teleportation capsule was imagined by the designer Ramy Fischler (RF Studio), the start-up Vectuel, and sponsored by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

The POD reduces space-time and allows you to discover a place without actually going there.  You can get into the capsule, make yourself comfortable, position the virtual reality headset and choose the building you want to immerse yourself in – whether offices, retail premises or an apartment. Once inside, you can move around freely in the POD space to cover the floor area available to you. Cross the entrance hall, check out the meeting room, move around the floors - with the POD, BNP Paribas Real Estate invites you to undertake a brand new experience.

Pavegen is the global leader in harvesting energy and data from footfall.  The patented technology connects people to sustainability and smart cities, creating powerful experiences which convert footsteps into off-grid energy, rich data and rewards.

Pavegen supplies both permanent installations and experiential activations and can power off-grid applications such as games, lighting, and environmental monitoring.

Founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, Pavegen has delivered 150 projects in 30 countries, working with iconic brands including adidas, Coca-Cola, Heathrow Airport, Shell and Westfield.The latest model, the V3, won the 2017 Smart Cities Interactive Innovation award at South by Southwest.

WeNow offers an all-in-one solution: a dongle connected to your car that helps every driver measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions.  The company addresses corporate fleets, cities and individuals to help them reach carbon neutrality.

Serving the B2B market primarily, WeNow have strong growth ambitions in France, Europe and worldwide.

The BNP Paribas Foundation identify innovative and non-profit projects, talent and personalities that will shape a better future for our world, and commit to helping them grow and prosper over the long term.  Their goal is to provide lasting support, ensuring the success of these cultural, social and environmental projects, including Global Carbon Project, Ice Memory, Southern Ocean & Climate Change. 

Wildlife Works is the world's leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), project development and management company with an effective approach to applying innovative market based solutions to the conservation of biodiversity.

REDD+ was originated by the United Nations to help stop the destruction of the world's forests. Over a 15 year history Wildlife Works has established a successful model that uses the emerging marketplace for REDD+ Carbon Offsets to protect threatened forests, wildlife, and communities. The company helps local landowners in the developing world to monetize their forest and biodiversity assets whether they are governments, communities, ownership groups, or private individuals.

Currently, five billion timber pallets are produced and transported annually, causing the deforestation of 500 million trees. To address this issue, CocoPallet International has developed an 100% bio-based, sustainable and cost-competitive export pallet made from coconut waste.

CocoPallet doesn't require harmful and costly pest-treatments such as Methyl-Bromide Fumigation, and only contains natural fibers and lignin, whilst alternatives such as press wood pallets are expensive and contain synthetic resins. CocoPallet is produced close to the coco husk source and creates extra income for local farmers.

Nowadays, more than 60% of employees work in open spaces or shared offices.  This comes with a major drawback: noise.

ORFEA Acoustique Développement has developed a solution for the well-being of employees: Silent Space®. It consists of diffusing a sound masking signal that mixes up with the voice frequencies and lowers the intelligibility of undesired conversations, enhancing the focus of workplace users.

Silent Space® has 3 major innovations:
  1. A non-destructive installation and no cost of works;
  2. A collective comfort LED which changes colour according to the noise level in the space;
  3. A mobile application to export data and access the installation set up.

BeeBryte is an energy flexibility operator leveraging artificial intelligence to make commercial buildings and factories use less electricity, reduce carbon footprint and become smarter. 

They optimize comfort, cost and efficiency and time-shift heating/cooling using batteries as energy buffers to:
  1. Desynchronize the purchase of electricity from its consumption;
  2. Minimize energy costs without affecting comfort;
  3. Maximize self-consumption from onsite Solar PV (if any).

Eugene is the first barcode scanner that transforms any waste bin into a smart device. A simple scan of a product barcode just before throwing it out enables consumers to know how to recycle it properly and get rewarded for it.

Eugéne is also a SaaS web platform for FMCG brands and retailers which gives access to unique real time consumption data from a large consumer panel. It helps them better understand their clients' needs and habits while measuring their products performance and use.   Eugéne's information system helps people adopt a responsible way of consuming and leads brands and retailers toward a responsible production strategy

Last but not least, Eugéne is a solution for waste management recycling companies looking for new tools to improve performance of the municipalities they work with.

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