Wednesday 4 October 2017

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Welcome address

Jean Lemierre Chairman of BNP Paribas


Address by French Minister of State, Brune Poirson

Brune Poirson Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, French Government


The Business Models of Tomorrow: Achieving long-term profitability

Businesses are coming under increased scrutiny from investors, consumers, regulators and activists to deliver on sustainability – not just on their end products, but on every single part of the business. For many, this means Business As Usual is no longer a possibility. How then can businesses adapt their models to match the pace of expectations? What role can the finance industry play in helping to build a more circular economy? What happens to businesses that are slow to change?

Myriam Durand Country Manager, Moody's France
Sami Lundgren Vice President for Environment & Responsibility, UPM
Helena Vines Fiestas Head of Sustainability Research, BNP Paribas Asset Management
Charlotte Dennery CEO, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (Moderator)


Networking coffee break


The Green Energy Transition: Show me the money!

Globally, the cost for combatting the effects of climate change caused by fossil fuel-based energy development already runs into the trillions. An energy transition is required, and with £286 billion invested in renewables in 2016 alone (more than all other energy technologies combined), it feels like it is well underway. However, some companies persist in developing thousands of MW of new coal power, enough to make it impossible to achieve the 2 C target set out in the Paris agreement. How then can we mobilise enough private capital to actually deliver a green economy? We discuss with leading experts representing the policy, issuer and investor perspectives how the financial sector can play a leading role in achieving the energy transition.

Erick Decker CIO, AXA
Sir David King
Former Special Representative for Climate Change, UK Government and Partner at SYSTEMiQ
Jane Pilcher Group Treasurer, AWG
Stephanie Sfakianos Head of Sustainable Capital Markets, BNP Paribas (Moderator)


KEYNOTE: Let's run the world with clean technologies

Bertrand Piccard is an avator of the future. His famous solar plane flew 40,000km around the world without using any fuel. This is just the beginning; there are many more incredible technological barriers to break by using the most powerful resources of all: unlimited natural elements. Bertrand will help challenge our view of the world by sharing how innovative feats will help build a faster, more efficient and greener world. We are not only here to make business out of sustainability, we are here to bring humanity to the next standard of living.

Bertrand Piccard Initiator & Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation


Networking lunch


Track 1

Session 1: Great Expectations for ESG

According to the BNP Paribas 2017 Global Investor Survey, ESG is set to double in size over the next two years. This session will debate to what extent these great expectations will hold true over time by analysing the challenges and opportunities ESG brings to asset owners and asset managers. How will we manage the barriers (data and analytics, new skills, economic constraints, terminology) to deeper integrate ESG? How will global trends – digital, political and financial – affect ESG? Does ESG lead to better performance?

BjØrn Otto Sverdrup Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability, Statoil
Hans van Houwelingen CEO, ACTIAM
Frederic Surrey Deputy Head of Equities, BNP Paribas Asset Management
Patrick Colle CEO, BNP Paribas Securities Services (Moderator)

Session 2: From ESG to Impact

This session will showcase the asset managers' view of ESG. What are the products and financial solutions they need to develop? How are they reacting to more sophisticated requirements from asset owners? What innovations in responsible investment today are mostly likely to grow into scalable markets products? We will discuss specific ways that asset managers are implementing ESG today, and how they feel this will impact their future strategies.

Marie-Anne Allier Deputy Global Head of Fixed Income, Amundi
Isabelle Cabie Global Head of Responsible Development, Candriam

Roelfien Kuijpers Head of Responsible Investments and Strategic Relationships, Deutsche AM
Gaetan Obert Global Head of Sustainability, BNP Paribas Asset Management
Amine Bel Hadj Soulami Global Head of Research & Sustainable Investments,  BNP Paribas (Moderator)


Track 2

Session 1: Renewable Energy for Investors

Investors: looking to add or expand renewables in your portfolio? Corporates: want to understand investors' priorities in their own renewable strategies? The renewable energy industry is undergoing rapid transformation, declining costs, regulatory overhaul, new markets and increased distributed energy and grid integration. Just the innovations in storage, for example, could completely change the game. Join this session to discuss how strategies of developers and financial investors are adapting to these changes to keep up speed with the transition.

Dominique Darne CEO, Eurowatt
Charles Dupont Head of Infrastructure Finance, Schroders

Catherine Mantel Vice President of Business Development, Terrawatt Initiative
Laszlo Varro Chief Economist, IEA

Luke Sussams
Senior Researcher, Carbon Tracker
Romain Talagrand Head of Power & Renewable Energy Financing Solutions, BNP Paribas (Moderator)

Session 2: Sustainability Rising:  How to realise reputation value

In the 21st century, underperform on sustainability issues and you risk your corporate reputation. But how, where, and with whom do companies need to engage to make sense of what 'the world' expects? How do you convey that your company is ‘sustainability ready’ and realise the value that reputation offers? This workshop by Brunswick Group will examine the trends that are driving the sustainability agenda, explore case studies of global companies choosing to pivot on the biggest business critical questions being asked of them, share tips and tools to help manage reputation effectively, and provide predictions on what corporations are going to have to answer next.

Jordan Bickerton Associate, Brunswick
Simon Maine
Director, Brunswick


Track 3

Session 1: Smart Cities:  What will future cities look like?

The social, environmental and digital changes we face offer opportunities to reimagine our cities and make them more sustainable. Doing so will have a major impact on the real estate industry. How then can the real estate industry tap into investors and corporates to help create smart cities? What will be the value-creation opportunities these cities would offer to citizens, investors and corporates?

Brice Chasles Partner & Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deloitte France
Marie-Eve Raux Senior Director, Development & Project Management Europe, Ivanhoe Cambridge
Bertrand Schippan Architect, MVRDV
Thierry Laroue-Pont
CEO, BNP Paribas Real Estate (Moderator)

Session 2: Smart Mobility

France, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK and other countries have already committed to banning the sale of internal-combustion engines. Some cities - such as Paris, Barcelona, Milan and London - are taking it a step further, by banning or limiting the entry of personal vehicles in order to reduce congestion, improve air quality and enhance liveability. Electrification, automation and sharing are creating a mobility revolution that impacts a billion vehicles on the streets. The automotive and transportation industries are the first to grapple with this transition, but smart mobility is part of a wider movement toward smart cities. Financial-services stands at the center of the transformation, estimated to reach into the trillions.  Join us for a discussion on the changes impacting cities and urban mobility over the coming decade, and how to create win-win-win solutions for companies, clients, and the wider world.

Clemence Poinsignon Global Category Manager Mobility, L'Oréal
Lukas Neckermann Author, CEO of Neckermann Strategic Advisors
Herve Girardot
Head of Arval Consulting and Corporate Vehicle Observatory (Moderator)


Track 4

Session 1: Sustainability in your Supply Chain

Increased regulation and public advocacy has led to supply chains becoming one of the most scrutinised elements of a company’s operations. This session will explore innovative approaches to integrate environmental and social dimensions into supply chain management. What will constitute inclusive, fair and resilient supply chains over the next ten years? How are companies changing their supply chains to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals? What role should a banking partner play to support the transition?

Christian Galichon Director of Purchasing Co-ordination, LVMH
Dominique Roques
VP, Naturals Partnerships & Promotion, Firmenich
Karol Trejo Corporate Sustainability Manager, Puma
Jacques Levet Head of Transaction Banking EMEA, BNP Paribas (Moderator)

Session 2: Mainstreaming Sustainable Finance

Green bonds have laid the foundation for Sustainable Finance, but to provide mainstream finance, which will suit all sustainability requirements of corporates, we need to apply the best practices of the Green Bond market to other financing products. In this session we will discuss "green loans", a budding new innovation which could mainstream sustainable finance. Who are the early adopters? What would preferential loan fiance for ESG performance mean for the market?

Olivier Leruste Head of Global Financing, Akuo Energy
Rochus Mommartz CEO, responsAbility Investments AG
James Ranaivoson Senior Adviser, EIB
Cecile Moitry
Director, Sustainable Finance & Investment, BNP Paribas


Track 5

SDGs Innovation Village:
Dedicated zone where delegates can meet B2B entrepreneurs and start-ups who are creating solutions for tomorrow and addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the UN.

Shortlisted projects include Heliatek, Coco Pallet, Qarnot Computing, Pavegen, Wenow, Eneseo, Treatech, La Fondation and POD Real Estate.


Networking coffee break


The Private Sector: A catalyst for change?

Clara Gaymard is on a mission to help France grow. Formerly the CEO of GE in France, she is now the co-founder of Raise (both a private equity firm and a foundation) and the President of Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society. Clara believes that investing in ‘can-do’ entrepreneurs and midmarket companies that construct solutions is the way to create jobs and increase ingenuity and durability in France’s economy. In this interview, she will share her considerable insight and experience on how corporates and investors can engage in social change and benefit as a result.

Claire Tutenuit is the Director General of Entreprises pour l’Environnement. Post COP 21, French business have been handed the baton to charge forward on the climate agenda. Claire works closely with companies across France to identify what various sectors can do to adapt to future climate challenges, mitigate further climate risk, and play an active role in innovating the solutions that the world will need to reach the 2 C limit on warming. In this interview Claire will share some of the major challenges and opportunities that French businesses face when creating climate strategies to deliver sustainable growth.

Clara Gaymard Co-Founder & President, Raise Fund & Women's Forum
Claire Tutenuit Délégué General, Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE)
Richard Newman Head of UK Brand & Communications, BNP Paribas (Moderator)


Moving up a Gear: How to fast track your sustainability agenda

783 million visits to their stores in 2016 and 2.1bn visits on their website; IKEA offers over 9,000 products and has 370 stores in 47 countries.  Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA since 2010, is in charge of making sure their supply chain is as kind to the planet as their products are to your pocket.  Steve understands the ground reality of how hard it can be to actually integrate sustainability into a business.  And yet, he is one of the biggest believers that every company can achieve this.  How do we convince the middle manager?  Even further, why our CEOs at the heart of this change?  Steve will share a crystal-clear case for why every company must change and how to approach the challenge head on.

Steve Howard Co-Founder & Chair, We Mean Business


Closing remarks

Jean Lemierre Chairman of BNP Paribas


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